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Monday, May 10, 2010

First 700 Miles

Well, the "homeless guy" had a delivery in Yakima, WA this weekend, and invited Reese and I.  What a blast!  Reese got some great socialization, not to mention a crash course in crate training ... and she did great! 

Looks like a big softy without his ears, doesn't he?

Most of these photos were taken through the windshield (unless they were of stuff in the truck), and more than likely, while we were moving.

Just messin' with the settings on the camera.

Reeses Pieces was a good girl.  She did a bit of complaining, but I can't say as I blame her for the amount of time she was stuck in the kennel.  She slept through the night both nights, was walked many times amongst the very large, very noisy big rigs, and managed to make a few of the big burly truckers crack a smile or two.  It didn't take long to tucker her out.

We stopped somewhere like ... maybe Prosser, WA and got a few tacos at one of the truck stops.  I was dreading the thought, but actually, the tacos were quite good, and the entertainment could be beat!  I think the "homeless guy" is going to take up dog treat sales.

(Please ignore the macho guy behind him in the oh-so-tough black wife-beater shirt.)  (Photo taken with my cell phone.)

Turns out, those dog treats kept the Pieces entertained for hours!

I have no idea if these photos are in order ... and not sure I particularly care ... :-)

Sleeping again.  Remember I mentioned how much time she had in a crate?

I never took my camera outside, so I don't have any photos of her that are not behind bars.  She's not leakproof yet, so I didn't want her leaking in the truck.

Look!  She's awake!

You know those photos that speak volumes?  I like this one.

Some elk:

And for those of you that know me ... here's a few pictures I can add to my growing collection.  Shocking, isn't it?  I loved these old places.

This place is really leaning.  Initially, I thought it was because we were flying by it when I snapped the shot.

Reese was not impressed.

Ok ... I need to go bring the muddy dogs in the house so I can get some sleep.  Bacon goes in for slaughter tomorrow morning.  I am not sure how I'm going to convince him to hop his fat ass into the trailer yet, but I imagine I'll figure something out.


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