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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Room with a View

Have I told you lately how much I love my house?

There's a tree across the street that I can see from my lounge chair in my living room.  Remember the hawk's nest?  Well, seems the hawk likes to hang out in a particular tree ... and watch me watching him.

Yeah.  Time for a new lens.  

I take handouts.

And of all of the wildlife I've seen since I moved in here, I finally got some photos of one of these!

I love it.  This is me taking a photo while standing in my living room.  Through the window, across the pasture, across the street, and the photo cropped. 

And here are some more of my amazing photography skills.  Reese's pieces.  100 mph.  You'll have to use your imagination to see what she really looks like.  Sort of ... like ... an Aussie.

And here's Mr. Dash.  He's going home on Saturday.  Nicole and her husband are coming down to pick him up.  They live up near Salmon.  As you can see, he's the lovebug of the bunch.  Never leaves my feet. 

And here's Jill.  I'm debating on keeping her, but for right now ... she's for sale ... I think.

Off to bed.  All good stuff tomorrow.  Can't wait!


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