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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A different kind of hawk ...



I mowed last night, and I have apparently mastered the fine art of leaving mohawks all over my yard.

I am not sure I care about the little mohawks everywhere.  At least the foxtails are knocked down for the most part. 

And here's an area that hasn't seen a lawnmower in a long time.  All between these trees was quite a mess and my lawnmower was screaming at me, but we got it done for the most part.  At least it's cleaned out enough so I can rake it out. 

One side is worked on, at least.

Here are the gates for the entrance to the pasture that DC put up.  The one at the end of the driveway is in the works, too.

Here is another one of my many projects:

That's my trailer that I have for sale, and the pile of sticks is some of the branches from the fruit trees Mr. Chainsaw guy cut down for me.  It's been raining too much to get that stuff burned.  Hopefully in the next week, I can have a bonfire and get it all done.

There's plenty to burn.

It's never-ending.

Hey mom, look!  No fences!


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  1. When you mow you need to overlap your last pass every time. This will make sure to get it even.