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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Quack Shack!

Ok ... can someone please turn down the heat?  I'm not sure who ordered summer, but it sure wasn't me.  Glad the wind stopped ... but yikes.  Tomorrow it's going to hit close to 100 degrees.  The dogs aren't going to like me ... they'll be crated in the house where it's nice and cool so I don't have to worry about them.

Glenda and Phyllis came over Saturday.  Wow!  Amazing what happens when those two get going.  Just to give you a point of reference ... here is the duck area last July when I was first trying to buy the house.

Ok ... so ... when Phyllis approached me about keeping her ducks at my place, I put the sheep in this area and closed them in and made them eat down most of the weeds.  They did a nice job cleaning it up for the most part.  In the photo above, what you can't see is the dead branches of the fruit tree hanging all over inside this pen, making it very difficult to do much of anything in here.  Well, I had the tree trimmer guy cut those down for me, and i've been dragging those branches out to the burn pile and burning them periodically.

Glenda showed up, and Phyllis was not far behind.  They got to work putting up some duck fencing on the inside of this pen as needed, making a gate for the area, and also building a front on this shelter so critters can't get in.  Once that was all done, I went in and mowed, and then raked out all of the sticks and fox tails and whatever other prizes were revealed.  And here's the transformation.

From the outside ...

From the inside ... looking at the fruit tree all nice and trimmed up:

The Quack Shack itself!

A little bit of paint, and this will be ready for some new residents!

(Hey ladies ... I thought of a great idea for a pond ... I'll need your input to see if it will actually work, so let's chat!)

Here's the backyard.  Glenda was a huge help in figuring out the flood irrigation and getting good coverage back here, so I am looking forward to greening this up this year.

We cleaned up some of the panels on the pig pen:

I finally got the head of the driveway cleaned out.

Glenda and Phyllis devised a gate system for the entrance to the canal.  The sheep have figure out this very easy escape route -- and now that problem is solved!!  Woo hoo!

The never-ending pile of crap to burn.

A bush ... just because.

My truck.  Isn't he gorgeous?

You want a closer shot?  Sure, here ya go!

This is the back of my storage building.

See the lowest hole where the wires are going in?

You know what that is?  An entrance to a bees' nest!  Rrrrugh!!!  I HATE bees!  Need to go spray it tonight.

Phyllis, Glenda ... you guys are great!  Thank you SO MUCH for your help!  

That's all folks!


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  1. Jodi,
    My brilliant mechanic husband sprays bees with brake clean.. It could be renamed "Literally drop dead bee juice".. Don't have to wait for night or anything. Good luck. I dislike bees too.. alot.

    PS: The place looks great and truck is gorgeous!