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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Backyard Exposed

Well, here's a side of my house I don't show that often simply because it is a mess.  However, I hope these photos will make good "before" photos, and I hope I follow through with my desire to clean up this area. 

Here's part of my junk pile.

There is a lot of gravel all over this property.  I am hoping to gather up this gravel, and do some sort of neat, organized flower bed along the side of the house.

More gravel.

This is where I'm hoping to put it.  Great neighbor, Dean, came over and sprayed these weeds, so this should be nice and cleaned up in a few days.

Here's where the dog run used to be.

And when I took this photo, I realized what a mess it was around the small strip behind the pig house.  I fenced it off, brought the walking lawnmowers in, and they had it handled in no time.  I'll have to take more photos tomorrow.

Jaenne came over tonight and we had a really good dinner.  Got a recipe from the awesome neighbors for cooking up some of Wilbur's ribs, and it worked perfectly!  Also had baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and fresh bread I made today.  The reason for Jaenne's visit was to shave bellies on the dogs.  The foxtails are about to dry out, and everyone is starting to get junk caught in their coats.  Zip was a little impatient, but his "junk" is all now shaved, and he's not sure he likes the draft under there yet.  Reese was a squirmer.  She's never even been brushed, no less shaved.  But her belly is done.  She has some very fine wispy hair, so it made shaving it kind of tricky. 

And then there was perfect dog, Echo.  She just laid there ...

... hating me ... and promising to make me pay.

I'm sure she will. And I am afraid! 


  1. Nearly everyone I know, has a crappy section of yard! Usually the bit hidden from view! Still, its where I go when Ive lost something, spade, hoe, whatever, and where the dogs do there business. Usually on the spade and the hoe!

  2. I find that posting about projects makes me get my butt in gear and get them done. It will be cool to see the finished project on your back yard.
    One nice thing about the short haired collies like Sammi is that mud and seeds don't stay in their fur. I've never had a short haired before Sammi, and I'm really liking how easy it is to keep her coat nice.