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Friday, May 6, 2011

There are good bread days ...

And then there are days like ... today!

Jaenne came over earlier, and I had some dough in the bread maker that I was ready to throw in the oven.  When I opened the cover to the bread maker and looked inside, the dough was in a small ball at the bottom of the bread pan.  That's weird, I thought.  I was on the phone when I threw all of the ingredients into the bread maker, so I must have missed something.  Oh well ... so I heated up the oven and threw it in there anyway.  About ten minutes later, it dawned on me.  I don't remember putting yeast in!!  Of course!  Hence the reason it didn't rise, and still wasn't!  Yuck!  So I basically made a loaf of bread for the chickens.  No biggie.  I started another batch of dough with Jaenne there, and was sure to put the yeast it. 

Jaenne took off, and I worked with a new dog a bit (more on her in a minute), and went over to my neighbor's house to see how they were doing.  I came back ... and Jaenne!  I took a photo of it because you wouldn't believe me if I just told you.  THIS is what I came home to!

Too funny.  I couldn't get it right today to save my life.

So I added a dog to the crew today.  The name she came with is Maddie.  I need to change that ... very soon.

She is very camera shy and very hard to take photos of.

She's 9 months old, comes from a ranch in Payette, and showed me some nice stuff when I put her on my sheep earlier.  I look forward to working with her.  She is a bit short on socialization and is getting settled in.  She's doing great, and I'm sure in another week, this place will be old hat to her.



  1. She is a pretty girl. If she already knows her name, it might be tough to change it, unless the name sounds similar, like Mattie or Maude or Molly.

  2. Geez Jodi! LOL How big did your loaf end up being?

  3. Ha. Fairly normal size. Nothing exciting. But geesh, you'da thought it woulda been ginormous.