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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The weather.  It's been just beautiful out!

Reese is in full blown season.  Zip is convinced I am the devil because I will not let him anywhere near her.  Mean old me.

Twix is settling in and doing well.  The leash issue seems to be over.  I don't know if I mentioned it, but she was not liking the leash ... one bit.  She was bucking like a crazy dog and playing dead and all kinds of stuff.  I've been walking her every night and now she's doing very well with it.

I took the camera outside today when I let Reese and Twix out (they are the best of buds) in hopes of getting Twix more used to having a camera pointed at her face.  Reese ... is easy.  She loves it.

Twix is still not sure what to make of it.

Reese.  Piece of cake.

Twix.  I'll take what I can get.

The lilacs are looking much healthier than they did last year.

This apricot tree is still hurtin'.  Not sure what's going to happen with it.  But the sheep sure like it.
It got pretty warm today and the sheep lazed around quite a bit.

I fixed that later.  I put everyone in the round pen, and then sorted Momma, Pepe, and the twins off and put them in a holding pen, and left the other 4 in the round pen to be worked by Twix.  Went in the house to get Twix, and when I came back out, 2 of the 4 round pen sheep were loose.  I had Twix on a leash, so I used her presence to move the sheep around, but they kept folding back behind me and not returning to the round pen.  I even went so far as to let the two out of the round pen and join back up with the loose two and move all four into the round pen, but the sheep were having none of it.  So I let Twix off leash.  (I've worked her a total of one time in the round pen to date.) 

As simple as this ...

She gathered up the 4 I needed and fetched them to me.  I walked over to the round pen, and in ... and the sheep followed me with Twix rating herself nicely right behind them.

I closed the gate to the round pen, and looked at her and said, "Do we really need to be in here?" 

But I worked her there anyway, working on getting a standing stop on her. 

She is a nice dog and I am looking forward to working with her.  I am waiting for a response from one person on a yay or nay of whether or not she wants to buy her from me, and if not ... she will be offered up for sale, and I will continue training her.  Price will go up with training.  She will make a great dog for someone looking to get into this.  She is not the type to get someone into any trouble.  Nice little dog.



  1. Good girl, Twix! Even in her photos she looks like she is all business.

  2. Thats a really nice dog, potential there!