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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hung Jury

Many of you know my friend, Mark.  He plays in a band called Hung Jury.  Those guys all donated their time this past Sunday to play for the MIA/POW gathering up in Ola, Idaho.  I tagged along and took a few photos.  What a very cool experience ... I learned a lot ... enjoyed the sunshine ... and Reese had a good time also.  I don't have any photos of Reese, as I was using the festival as a training/socialization opportunity for Reese and wanted to give it my undivided attention.  (Reese did great.  Lots and lots of very loud noise between the band and the bikes.  She handled it all in stride.  I was very proud of the little punk.)

Mark plays a 12-string, fretless bass guitar.  For more information about Mark and his guitar, you can visit his website:  12-STRING BASS

The scenery was beautiful, especially since the sun was out, the sky was very blue, the grass is all greening up, and there was a nice, calm breeze blowing through.

L to R:  Steve (lead vocals); Jack (lead guitar); Mark (bass); Matt (drums); Chris (keyboards).

Here's Steve.  (Isn't that a great stop sign?)

And Jack ...

Mark ...


And Chris:

A great time was had by all!


  1. A worthy cause; looks like you had nice weather, and you sure took some nice photos.