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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good Horse Forums?

Which horse forums are good for obtaining solid information about horse care, trail riding, ranch work, politics, etc.  I'm not looking for more of the ridiculous "purely positive" crap I find in the Border Collie world, or the politically correct heavily moderated forums.  Real people, real issues, real responses. 

Any suggestions?


  1. I don't usually go on horse forums, but if you click on the link on my sidebar to Western Horseman, they have a link to their forum. Let us know if you find a good one!

  2. Another good resource is
    There's always lots of good info on there; I was just reading All Dunning on doing rollbacks. Good stuff!

  3. Good to know there are good ones out there , the only ones I have seen are all butterflies and rainbows or altrnatively, pure venom!

  4. It kind of depends on what you want to know! Sign up for newsletters for sure. Most of the forums I've visited are, exactly like you said, full of idiots or full of snobby haters. COTH is not bad if you stay in Endurance/Trail Riding!!! The English disciplines are the snobbiest of snobs.

    Mainly I read a lot of blogs and ask a lot of questions. Don't be afraid to ask people then not follow their advice - that's how you learn stuff.