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Friday, April 15, 2011

Life at Cow Camp

I am not sure this will work, but if it does ... these are awesome photos!


The photos are taken by Kat Suphin.  She owns Deucey and Foxy ... two sons of Zip.  (Ssssshhhh! A working merle that throws good working dogs ... that can't be!!!)  Kat lives the life that some girls only dream of.  Some day I will have to make it out there to see her and the dogs.  I keep saying that.  I need to get off my duff and make it happen.

(If the link doesn't work, please let me know ... )


  1. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!.............Gone green with envy! Fan..bloody ...tastic!

  2. Is that Skarlet's litter brother? He looks just like Zip.

  3. The black one is Deucey ... that's Skarlet's littermate. Foxy (the red/white) is Skarlet's younger brother.