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Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't Break Your Arm ...

It's too bad I've burned out on the whole sheepdog competition thing.  Even reading blogs makes me want to hurl.  Blogs, lately, seem to be nothing more than a place to unabashedly brag about your dogs, what their breeding is, who they train with, what competitions they've run in, and who the person was sitting next to when it all happened.  "Here's my dog.  This dog is out of (famous person's 105th male) bred to (another famous person's 60th female that's been bred 400 times to aforementioned famous person's 105th male).  As soon as this dog is old enough, I will send it off to be trained with (another famous person), who happens to be the (same famous person) I send all of my dogs to because I just like to trial my dogs and take all the glory and train none of them because I have the money.  So-and-so says this is going to be an awesome dog!  It should be.  It's related to my (open dog) and (my other open dog) and (my other open dog ... none of which I trained).  And then when I fail miserably at trialing this dog, I will sell it to someone who will do well with it, and then I will brag about how I sold them the dog, and then fail to mention then how I couldn't trial it myself, but don't forget it is out of very famous dogs and trained by a very famous trainer that I paid for!" 

Gag me.

It's too bad with all of that money, not a lick of social skills can be bought.


  1. Hmmm, makes me almost not want to do trials! Just like with horse shows, people like to brag about their horses bloodlines, relatives and the famous trainers who are showing them. I like to train my own, even if I can't make champions out of them- they are winners in my eyes no matter what others think of them.
    As far as trialing goes, I really want to learn it myself, and get help from experienced people. But what's the fun if you don't work your dogs yourself?

  2. Yep! met them, listened and went for a beer! You are right my horse isnt the "right" type, and my dogs are not show stock, I`m a sucker for a friendly face, and I dont have the right seat!

    But dont worry! You are now talking to the right people!!Lo. Welcome!!

  3. It is the same with horses as Shirley said,I never figured it out . I take pride in what I have done , not what I have paid for . And those "famous trainers" didn't get famous yacking about it they got famous doing the work.

  4. Shirley, Cheyenne, and FernValley, I was hoping to stick my head in the sand and pretend this stuff doesn't happen in horses! Lalalalalalalala ... can't hear you! But ... at least if I'm out in the mountains on a horse, I'm not sitting at my computer reading the ridiculousness.

  5. At least they're working. There are SO many dogs that never get "trialled" on whatever they're theoretically bred to do. (Hell, I own a tennis ball only Labrador, I can't really talk! But I spayed her at 4 months.)