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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Price Is Right!

As luck would have it ... I got the coolest deal this weekend!  

I've been wanting a camper shell for my truck.  I haven't really wanted to spend the money on one because it wasn't a priority, so I've just been poking my nose around, seeing what's out there.  I happened to mention it to my friend, Mark, and he poked his nose around a bit.  Turns out a friend of his had one ... the exact size for my truck ... the exact color ... and with the sliding windows and everything!  For free!  Just had to go pick it up!  So I stopped and got come "C" clamps, and my neighbor gave me some of the foam stuff that goes between the shell and the bed of the pickup.  Mark came with me today, and we went and picked it up.  And wowie, was it ever heavy!  I had no idea.  Anyway, we had to jimmy it around a parked truck, etc., but we managed.  It needs a little bit of work, and had some stickers on the windows and stuff, but all in all, a very nice shell.  Check it out.  Here are 1400 photos, as usual.

So this afternoon, I got a few things done.  Remember the doorbell I bought so long ago?  Well, I finally installed it.

I'd post a photo of the in-the-house part of the doorbell, but in the photo I took, there's about 1600 pounds of spiderweb on the wall.  So I'm leaving that one out.

Oh, and I also cleaned the stickers off the back window of the shell.  You know what works great for removing the glue left on the windows from stickers/decals?  Lighter fluid!  Yes.  Just pour some lighter fluid onto a rag or paper towels, and with a bit of patience, the glue comes right off the windows.  See?

Also, my neighbor thinned his daffodils and gave me some.  I've planted them and watered them, and now I have my fingers crossed that they'll grow.  If I transplanted them to late to have them bloom this year, hopefully, they'll come up next year.

Here is a photo of one of the many bushes I've hacked on this spring.  It's getting some good growth on it.  Should be real pretty this year.  Lilac bush, I think?

Here's the wine barrels I haven't filled with dirt yet. 

Those were my $10 a piece find.  Pretty cool, eh?

Another one of my neighbors is going to be thinning back some plants and will have some white phlox for me.  Here's a random photo off the internet of what I think she's talking about.

So that should be pretty.  I'll have to find a good place for it.

I bought two new rose bushes and planted those next to the bright red one.  Here are the new colors.  I can't wait for them to bloom!  I hope they turn out as pretty as they show on their little ID cards. 

Yuck ... back to work tomorrow. 



  1. Great find on the truck canopy, looks like it was made for your truck. I was checking my flowerbeds today, and it looks like all my perennials made it through the winter.

  2. Yay for a good deal on the shell,A perfect match too! Your garden is going to be lovely