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Friday, April 8, 2011

Frustrating Day

So ... I left for work this morning without having time to throw something together for breakfast.  No biggie.  There's a Subway right near where I work, and they are now serving (weak, shitty) breakfast and that'll get me by.  So I'm walking over to Subway, and I suddenly remembered that some security thing claiming to be from my bank called the day before and left me a message.  When I called them back, they answered the phone very blandly, like "Security" or "Fraud Department" or something just as generic.  And then they asked me for my phone number even though I gave them the case number they left on my message.  I got skeptical, told them I'd call my bank directly, and hung up.  Then I forgot to call my bank.

When I walked into Subway, I went to the cashier and said, "I have a funny feeling about this ... can we ring me up first please?  Here's what I want."  She agreed and attempted to put it through on my card, which did not work.  I know there was plenty of money in there to cover what I was looking to buy.  I told her that's what I figured and went back to my office and called my bank.

And in the meantime, I pulled up my account online.

Apparently someone stole my card information and created a new card or something, and charged $100 even ... to a Walmart ... in ALABAMA!  Who the hell goes to Alabama on purpose???  Anyway, the fraud department of my bank caught it and immediately canceled my card.  The perps then tried using my card several times after that, to no avail.

For now, I'm out $100.  The bigger hassle is that I had to cancel my bank card, and the replacement takes 10 days to 2 weeks to arrive.  I also had to submit a fraud report to get the $100 back, which will also take a couple of weeks.

Glad they caught this, as those idiots could have cleaned me out and made life suck a whole lot worse.  So really ... should I be complaining?  Probably not.

Another frustration ... losing friends through no fault of my own.  I hate that.  Jealous women suck.  Tell me ... what is the point of getting jealous?  Let's say you're dating some guy, and you notice he likes someone else.  What, pray tell, is getting jealous and all wrapped around the axle going to do for you?  Do you think your man will love you more for acting like a complete idiot?  Normally I would say no.  However, that may be why I'm single, because some men apparently get off on it.  Little did I know.

Oh well.


P.S. - Dinner at Jaenne's was awesome!  I bought over some hearty pork chops from good ol' Wilbur ... and Jaenne cooked them in a yummy sauce and served them with Bisrati rice.  WINNING!  Thanks Jaenne!


  1. Sounds like a real bad day! Sorry.....Not all men are like that! Promise!Hope things pick up.

  2. Friends like that aren't true friends to start with.
    Glad you caught the scam before it got any worse. There's a lot to be said for dealing with cash only. (Wish I had cash to deal with, lol!)

  3. Oh geez, I'm so sorry about the bank card. I had that happen the day before my wedding (to the now ex-husband). Very sick to the stomach sort of feeling - and a major PITA. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with it.

    On a separate note... wonder if I should have taken that as a bad sign for the marriage? lol

    Sorry about the friend too. :(

  4. That sucks on both counts! Good on your bank for catching it so fast. I just lost my debit card (left it at the post office and it was gone by the time I realized it) and life without it is super annoying - but at least I cancelled it in time.