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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Blue Merle Border Collie in Idaho!

I had a really muddy stinky nasty dark colored icky dog ... but he spent a couple of hours with Phyllis ... so I present to you ... the fabulous Mr. Zip!  He's so soft and fluffy and I can run my fingers through his hair again!

It's amazing how dark some blue merles turn with age.

He used to be really light -- and really contrasted -- as a pup.  See?

And now ... almost ten years later...

His feet are all trimmed up for the show.  ;-)



  1. He's just beautiful! I never knew / noticed that merles got darker as they aged - how interesting!

  2. There is a lady in Creston who has a blue merle border collie. She also has a full brother to Sammi.I really like the red and whites.

  3. Thanks Funder! Shirley, I had a couple of red and whites, and that cured me of my curiosity with red! LOL. I will stick with the blacks and blues. Hee hee. (Ducking and running from all of the red dog owners!)

  4. Hey! :-) Mo has a handsome daddy...

  5. He was good looking as a puppy and young dog, but I think he's even more handsome now. He looks like the Paul Newman of dogs. I didn't know that merles darkened with age.