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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dillusions of Grandeur

Well, I'm completely exhausted after reading Jaenne's blog!  But it got me feeling like a schlepp, so I started thinking about what my plans are for the next few months.  Thankfully, my schedule is not nearly as nuts as hers!

My to-do list to complete in between fun stuff ... in no particular order ... but I've numbered them ... because.  This will be a good way to make me accountable for getting all of this stuff done.

1.  Fill up the whiskey barrels on the patio and get them planted with herbs and morning glory.  (This is more of a pain in the ass because of trying to find dirt to haul over there.

2.  Dig the irrigation ditch between the privacy fence and the west pasture.  Load dirt and put some of it in the whiskey barrels.

3.  Burn the huge pile of crap in the driveway.

4.  Arrange the railroad ties to start the garden.

5.  Germinate seeds for the garden.

6.  Fix the gate for the round pen.

7.  Worm sheep, trim hooves, and clip mohawks.

8.  Use bricks as trim around the rocks under the living room window and figure out what kind of walkway to do to the back deck.

9.  Fence off some of the weeds on the other side of the irrigation canal so we can have the sheep graze it.

10.  Groom Zip.

11.  Electric fence in the front pasture.

12.  Find a horse water trough.

13.  Dig out my irrigation access area (huge).

14.  Finish painting the dog room and get everything hung up and organized.

That's all I can think of for now.  Oh wait.

15.  Kick Zip's hairy ass.

Why you ask?

Let's see.  I went to the store last night.  I bought, among other things, a ten pound bag of flour....

... that is now in my shop vac.  Thank you, Zippy.

Here's something a little cooler.  I went shopping with Mark on Saturday.  Stopped at D&B and got duck food, wormer for the sheep, etc.  Also went to a couple of antique stores and picked up a few cool things (an old pair of sheep clippers among them...), and then went to a couple of western tack/saddle shops.  One of them was out in Caldwell, and I picked up a few horseshoe hooks.  Brought them home and asked my neighbor if he wouldn't mind mounting the three hooks on a piece of wood for me.  Well, I went over to the neighbors' today, and was sitting there chatting, when Brooke said, "Well what do you think?" and pointed at the rack that was leaned up against the wall damned near right in front of me.  It was gorgeous!  So I thanked Dean for the lovely job he did on it ... it was perfect!  So we sat and talked for about an hour, all the while I was so impressed with his woodworking skills.  As I was leaving, he said, "By the way, Tommy made that."  LOL!  Tommy ... the contractor that did my dog room for me!  Anyway ... here it is.

Can't wait to see it hung in the dog room.  I love the hooks on it because they'll hold 1400 leashes, 800 collars, and all of the ropes and things I usually hang from these types of things.  I've been wanting to do this for a while, and it's finally done.  Woo hoo!  Now I can hang the other, ancient, reminder-of-the-drunken-ex-husband in the garage for tack.

Colleen is down in the Twin Falls area for work this week.  She'll be coming up this weekend.  There's a group of us going out to dinner at that good sushi place in Meridian, Sa Wad Dee, and then Colleen will spend the night at my place.  On Saturday, provided the weather cooperates, we'll be going riding.  Then she takes off on Sunday morning, and Mark and I will head over to one of his friend's houses to pick up a camper shell for my truck.

Oh, I also put the trailer into the shop to have it re-wired.  So the next time I see it, it will be road worthy.  It will still need work to make it comfortable, but it's functional, at least.  It will be a while before I can afford to have it sandblasted and painted, but it will get done.  I'll also have new tires put on it, too.  I don't mind dumping a bit of money into it since a) I got it for a song; and b) I've wanted one for so long.  And this one seems like a good one.

Katie's services were today.  That was tough, and I'm wiped out.  Off to bed,


  1. Did my schedule make your head spin? lol

  2. Dogs will do the craziest things! But, it could have been something far worse! Like today, when I went to the fridge. Well I say today, more like 3am this morning. I didnt put the light on, just wandered into the kitchen, I should have put the light on! The feeling between my toes wasnt the best!!

  3. Thanks for following my blog. We live 6 miles north of the Idaho border. Looks like you're in southwestern Idaho? and not too far from blogger Merri, at "The Equestrian Vagabond" blog.