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Friday, March 11, 2011

Life ...

I deleted the rant about the Canyon County Animal Shelter. Why? Well ... not because the licensing woman wasn't a bitch. She was. But ... because they didn't overcharge me. After many phone calls, including a call to my bank who still couldn't clue me in, the director at the CCAS finally figured out what it was. Last Saturday, after paying the licensing fee online, I did a whole slew of work outside my place, and then ... I went to the dump ... where it cost me $4.63 to dump the stuff in the trailer. Ugh! The weird thing was ... these two transactions happened at least 9 hours apart, yet were listed on my bank statement as happening at the exact same time, and they were both done by the same company because they were both country entities. Anyway, thanks to Carly and her diligence in figuring out what happened.

Today is my mom's birthday. She would have been 79 today. She's gone five years now, and I am sick thinking about it. Here is one of my favorite photos of her. I was probably 14 or so. She was young, healthy, and when I would point the camera at her, she would always say the same thing. "Oh come on! Don't take a picture of me! I haven't even brushed the hair.." (It was always "the" hair ... not "my" hair. And "hair" came out with the thick Jersey accent ... "haaaa")

I miss you, Mom.  I miss your laugh ... I miss your fiestiness ... I miss you embarrassing me ... and asking me 14,000 questions ... I miss spending time with you ... hanging out doing nothing ... or crafting ... or shopping ... or driving around the desert looking for your needle in a haystack ... I miss your sexy legs and wish I had them.   Nothing compares to this.  Nothing ever will.  I only wish to be half the woman you were and still are to me.  You're my hero and I love you more than you'll ever know.


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