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Monday, March 21, 2011

An Electrician, I am not!

So, when I was at work this afternoon, I came up with the bright idea of trying to put on a plug on the new trailer when I got home.  I didn't check what kind of plug I needed before I left for work, but I guessed it was a 4-pin.  Stopped at O'Reilly's and picked one up, and happily went on my way.  Got home, and quickly realized that it's a 6-pin.  Looked at my truck receptacle thingie-ma-jig, and it is a 7-pin.  So I went back to O'Reilly's and talked to the guy, who assured me I could use a 7-pin, and just don't hook up the middle pin, which would be the brakes that my trailer doesn't have.  So I was happily on my way once again.

I got home, took apart my new toy, sat at the computer watching tutorials as to how to get the right wire with the right pin, etc., gathered all of the proper tools, and set out in the weather to go put on my new plug.  I clipped the existing wires down far enough so they were clean (looks like they were chewed), and set about connecting my little wires to the little pins and put the whole thing back together, and all of the screws were used and I was jazzed. 

Backed my truck up to the trailer, hooked up my new plug, went up and turned my lights on.


Jimmied the plug a bit.


Jimmied it again.


The ground is wet.  I don't want to lay down and look under the trailer ... or the truck ... to see where the problem is. 

So there the trailer sits ... with a new ... useless ... plug.

Oh well.

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  1. I'm just guessing, but maybe that center pin was the oh-so-necessary ground?