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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Sweet Deal!

Well, I've been looking for a 2-horse trailer for quite a while now.  When you see them on Craigslist for like $500 in rough condition, they're gone before you can send an email.  It's been a bit frustrating.  So, I finally posted a message that I was looking for one, and fell into the perfect deal.  Went and picked it up today, and got a great deal on it.

The electrical plug needs replacing, and it obviously needs a paint job, but other than that, it's pretty solid.  I'll mess with little things, like a latch here and there, or replacing a cracked window, etc.

I'll take some better photos when it's light out.  But I love the rack and the water tank on top!

The endless smell of smoke starts.  This pile is still too wet, and too green, to go up like the bonfire I was hoping for.  But I burned a lot of leaves that my neighbor came over and helped me clean out.

We got quite a bit of stuff cleaned out.

I love having a view, even if it just is of the road.  Feels a lot less ... claustrophobic.

This is my next project.  I moved the hay off the wood pallets.  We're going to make a pen for the sheep out of those.  That should look pretty cool, and if it works well, I'll do some more.

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