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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ok ... the names of these posts are getting worse by the day.

If you don't like looking at animal parts, skip this post.  

I called my local butcher today and asked him if he had any bones available.  He said, "Can you get here by noon?"  (It was about 11:00 a.m. at the time.)  I said, "Sure!"  So off I go.  I get down there and he says, "I'll be right back."  He comes back carrying what appears to be a very heavy box.  I jump ahead of him and get the door and open the tailgate to my truck, etc.  I get it home, and it turns out to be about 50 or 60 lbs. of beef bones!  Free of charge! 

The dogs think I'm pretty awesome!

Oh, and here's what prompted me to call the butcher.  Twix (formerly "Mattie") decided she would chew a hole ... in my couch and start pulling the stuffing out for me!  Gee, thanks Twix. 

Here she is enjoying one of the bones.  She's pretty camera shy and hard to get good shots of.

I gave her a bath last night and she did really well with it.  Now she smells pretty darned good and her coat feels awesome!  Such a lovely coat.  I think she'll make a great show dog.  I'll have to start calling her CH Fluffybutt Poofy Pants Candy Ass HT PT ... aka "Twix" ...



  1. I hardly ever give Cersei beef bones. She is a really aggressive chewer, and the bones are harder than her teeth - she's chipped a couple of teeth on kneebones. Love it when I can find goat or sheep bones!

    Twix is gorgeous!

  2. Cute name! We have a box of bones in the freezer from cutting up our steer on Saturday. I totally forgot that it was Kentucky Derby day too.

  3. we did the same thing here. Just went in to ask about bones (we were willing to pay) and out came a huge box for FREE!