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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun 4th!

Well, I just spent a very fun week with my sister, who I have not seen in several years.  We did as much stuff as we could without completely wearing ourselves out.  Went down to Cleo's/Walter's Ferry and did the nature walk, visited Murphy and all its wonders, went to Leslie Gulch and Owyhee Dam, did Marsing for the 3rd and Melba for the 4th!  Gave her a taste of what life is like in the area I live in now, and it was a total kick!

4th of July, like I said, we went to Melba.  If you've never been to Melba on the 4th, you should definitely try it.  Melba kicks Marsing's ass for fireworks.  Mark and his band played and I was able to get some photos that I really love (which is rare for me).

While I took over 300 photos, here are a few of my favorites:

My son came down to see my sister.  That was very cool!  Caught this photo, and while it's way out of focus, I love it just the same.  I don't think I have any photos of Justin laughing like this, although, this is how I think of him.  Jill squeezed his nipples and this is the reaction. (Oh he's gonna love me for posting this...)

The two of them with Mark ...

And Mark and his girls:

Some of the fireworks:

Palm trees!!!

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