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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What a weekend!

(^^ A loaf of bread I made for the neighbors last week.)

Well, here goes.

I guess I am pretty lousy at keeping everyone in the loop, so this post might help. 

Last Tuesday evening, I noticed Reese didn't eat much.  I made a mental note of it, but it didn't concern me.  Wednesday evening, she didn't eat at all.  Thursday morning, she starting vomiting.  I took her to the vet Thursday afternoon.  By Friday evening, we had a positive diagnosis for parvo.

Yes, parvo.

Where did she get it from?  Who knows.  It's everywhere.  And I've had a million people in and out of my house and my property, etc.  Reese is about 16 months old, though, so how did she end up with it?  Everything is pointing to her vaccinations from when she was a pup ... had them done at an old friend's house who breeds pups and does all her own vaccinations.  Apparently, the batch was either a bad batch, or expired.  In any event, Reese was very very sick and I almost lost her. 

The weekend was probably one of the worst weekends and one of the best I've had in a long time.  Mark and I went up to Pine, Idaho ... up by Anderson Dam Ranch ... and what a truly gorgeous place that is.  I didn't take many photos because I really didn't want to have my face behind the camera the whole time.  But here's a few of the view on the way up.

Mark's band was playing at the bar up there, and at one point, I took a walk up along the lake.  Had a brand new open beer in my hand and was walking up the road when Mr. Sheriff drove past very slowly.  No wave, no nothing, and I was surprised he didn't stop to hassle me about the beer.  I had my binoculars on me, and caught sight of an osprey nest on the edge of the lake.  So I put my binoculars to my face and check that out, but I can tell the mosquitoes are eating my arms alive.  I pull my face back from the binocs, and sure enough, there's a party on my arms!  Yikes.  Anyway, I grab my beer and am walking back down the road -- still getting eaten alive -- when Mr. Sheriff pulls up next to me again.  Only this time he stops.  I greeted him with the best smile I could come up with, and he sticks his arm out of his truck and hands me a can of "OFF" spray!  I put my beer down, spray myself with the wonderful spray, hand it back to him, thanked him kindly, picked my beer back up, and we both went about our way.  Gotta love it!  Only in Pine! 

Anyway, the band was great!  Hung out and partied a bit with a couple of the other "wives," and we ended up getting home pretty late.

Early Saturday morning, I went to visit Reese at the vet's office, and sat with her for quite some time, talking to her, singing to her and just holding her and hoping and praying she would pull through.  It was very very hard to walk out not knowing if I'd see her again.  I went home and moved Echo and the pups over to my neighbor's house.  Do you know ... I don't know anyone that doesn't own a dog other than my awesome neighbors ... Dean and Brooke.  They were live savers in agreeing to let me set up a pen in one of their sheds, and in fact, they gave me so much room, Echo and the pups now live in what we refer to as the Pup Majal.  So far, everyone is doing awesome!  Eating and growing and playing and being adorable.  And I am keeping everything I can cross, crossed.

Went back up to Pine Saturday night for a repeat.  Despite Reese weighing heavily on my mind, I was able to enjoy the atmosphere and the music and the company.

Mark, I can't thank you enough for making a very difficult weekend bearable, and putting up with me.  Oh, I found something very cool!  I'm sure you'll be as excited as I am!  Check out the size of THESE BABIES!  They'll be perfect, don't you think?  I could even lock a couple of them together if I need to.  Looks like we might not need that box (windows or not) after all!

Yesterday, I stained the main part of the deck, but ultimately ended up running out of stain.  Most of it is covered though.  I love the color.

Best of all, I have this new great accessory on my deck!  Isn't she a beauty????

So glad to see you, Pieces!!!! 



  1. I'm so glad Reese pulled through. I guess this post is a good kick-in-the-butt reminder to me to take Sammi in for her next round of shots.

  2. Glad Reese made it!! Such a scare! Sure want to make sure shots are good. Good reminder.