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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy busy busy ...

And I guess that's good.  Keeps my mind off the puppies.  It was so nice to see them yesterday; I was very sad to leave.  But thankfully, they are all going to great homes!

Mark and I were going to go see Yes in concert tonight in Eagle, but decided against it for several reasons.  The heat, new outdoor venue, the price, the band opening for them, all of the other events we have planned between now and Monday, but most importantly, Jon Anderson (original lead singer for Yes) retired for health reasons, and they have a new Canadian singer in.  I'm sure he's great, but it's just not the same.

Anyway, Friday night, we're going to the Canyon County Fair to see Tracy Lawrence.  Saturday night, Mark has a gig at Shorty's in Boise.  Early Sunday morning, we leave for Riggins to meet up with Colleen and hand off her pup.  We're staying the night somewhere and bumming around for a bit and will come home Monday.

And as I was sitting here typing this, my little angel dog, Reese, was behind me silently chewing away ... on my blanket!  Rrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!


  1. That's great that the pups all have good homes. Reese sure is a character.
    If you ever get to Sandpoint or Bonners Ferry, let me know, i'd love to come visit. Does Mark ever play any venues there

  2. Glad all the puppies have great homes - that is always a challenge. Super glad that Reese is doing well. Thanks for sharing your dog stories!


  3. Shirley, I need to make it up to Sandpoint / Bonners Ferry area. The red pup is going to a friend of mine who lives on McArthur Reservoir. We're meeting her halfway for the exchange this weekend, but yes, when I make it up there, I'll definitely let you know and we'll get together for a beer or something.

  4. In find myself reading your old blog posts because I like your pictures. So, in case you are wondering why you are being I recognize your name from the PDE blog and the BC Boards. Jon Anderson didn't retire from Yes, he was kicked out 2 years ago because they wanted to tour and he was in the hospital. They replaced him with a singer from a tribute band. I am a long time Yes fan and that right ticked me off. Yuck. Glad you skipped the show. I wish I could everyone to.

  5. Hey Beth! Thanks for the info. I don't think I found WHY he was gone from the band, other than that he took ill. Very interesting. Glad we didn't go.

    Oh and stalk me all you'd like. ;-)