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Monday, August 1, 2011

Whatcha McCall It...

Ok, I admit it.  I'm going blind and need to carry my reading glasses around.  I had a helluva time reading menus and things this weekend, especially in low light.  Ugh.

Mark and I took a drive up to Riggins to meet up with Colleen and her friend, Kathy, and to hand off Colleen's new pup to her.  I am so good, I forgot to get photos of Colleen, her friend Kathy, or the pup.  (Polishing my knuckles...)  Being that Colleen and I are so smart that we forgot to take into consideration the time zone difference between her house and mine, Mark and I were about an hour early, so we found a place to sit outside, have something to eat, and hang with the pup.  It was very hot out, and finding a place to do that was a small feat in and of itself.  When Colleen and Kathy pulled up, we handed off the pup, spent a few minutes, bid adieu and took off for McCall.

A few minutes out of McCall, we approached a fire that was being fought right off the road.  First off, hats off to all of the brave men and women who run into what we run away from.  I sure hope they got this one under control and everyone came out safely.  They fought it from the ground and from the air, and these photos really don't do any of it any justice.

Do you see him?

And can you imagine the danger involved in this flight?

A bit further down the road, I found a gorgeous spot that I just had to take a photo of.  Mark was very supportive of my addiction and turned around and went back so I could get it.  This looks like a small piece of paradise to me. 

We made it to McCall, and I amazingly found the strength to put the camera down for a bit.  We walked around part of the lake and explored parts neither of us had ever been to.  It was interesting to see where the masses of people hung out, but moreso, where they didn't.  We farted around town and even stopped for an ice cream.  We made our way back to the car, and off to the room Mark rented for us at the Best Western.  What a nice place!  We took showers and headed out to The Mill for dinner.  If you have never eaten here, you should definitely try it.  The "short good looking guy" will seat you, and grab you your drink of choice, and then the very professional staff will take great care of you.  Soup (beef barley made with prime rib), salad (with homemade dressing), fresh hot bread, and an ice cold beer is all it took for us.  Amazing. 

Since neither of us have ever driven all the way around the lake, that was now our destiny.  The road is paved for some of it, but a well maintained dirt road for the rest of it.  There are lots of privately owned spots on the lake so the views were few and far between, but the top of the lake held a few nice spots where we got out and hung for a bit.  It was getting dark so these photos are not the best.  I also had had a few beers, so no making fun of them!

(That one looked way cooler in my lens with my beer goggles on.)

Shock Top.  Best. Beer. Ever.

I really want to find a cool metal Shock Top bottle opener keychain (complete with the Orange Mohawk dude), but I don't think it's going to happen since Shock Tops are twist-offs.  Oh well.

Caught this one a little late...

And then I start tweaking on the camera.  Same photo.  Different focus.

And a dude skis by.  (skiis?)

Isn't this some famous dude ... or statue or something?  I think I saw him on a credit card once or twice.

Put the camera down, Jodi.  Now.

We headed back to the hotel room, and lo and behold, there was NO ONE in the pool / jacuzzi.  Up to the room to change our clothes and we had the pool all to ourselves!  That was one of the many highlights of this trip for me.

The next morning, we got up and went to the Pancake House for breakfast.  I would put the link to the place here, but it needs no introduction.  If you go to McCall, you'll find it.  Everyone and their brother eats there.  The service left something to be desired, but the food was quite good.  I'm not sure I'd go back, but it was good to experience once.  I prefer the little hole in the wall diners, though.

Then out of McCall we headed.  Not far south of McCall, Mark spots an Osprey nest on a pole right over the road.  And once again, he makes it all possible for me to tweak on taking photos.  I took way too many photos of this Osprey next (and the one right down the road) and now you all get to suffer through the bazillion photos.  I was SO wishing I bought the lens (Canon 300mm image stabilized lens - would love a bigger one but I need to win the lottery or rob a bank first) I've been wanting, and instead, I've dragged my feet.  I really need to suck it up and just get it so I can stop whining about it. 

When I approached, the mom took off with the food in her talons (at least I think it might be her... not sure if it was dad, though).  The fledglings are almost the size of the adults now, so it's difficult to tell who's who.

These next shots are from the nest down the road.  On the right, I think was mom.  On the left, I believe is one of the fledglings, along with the head in the middle.

I told you I took a million shots ...

Ok, ok ... I'll stop.

On to Cascade Lake.

Another bird.  Just a gull.

This is looking down the dam chute.  Wish there was water being let out here so I could see the rooster tail thing at the bottom.

"Forebay."  Hee hee

And despite all of these minnows everywhere ...

... this dude kept catching fish ... one after the other ... right in front of us!

From there, we drove down to Banks, and hung a left and headed towards Lowman.  We got to Crouch, and checked Crouch and Garden Valley out for a bit, and then headed south through Placerville and Centerville and into Idaho City.

Placerville was so interesting ... this was the photo I took!  It will go great it my bathroom!

There were some cool spots that we checked out ...

... but ultimately, we stopped for a late lunch in Idaho City, and headed for home.

A short, but very fun trip!

We're busy cooking up something fun for next weekend also. Can't wait!



  1. You take the best road trips!

    Ok, repeat after me: you did not forget to take pics. You respected their privacy. Sounds much better that way! ;)

    Love the osprey pics.

  2. I was a tad disappointed? Not enough pics for me.........(sorry!)

  3. Thanks Funder! Cheyenne, be careful what you wish for! LOL! We have another trip up our sleeves!

  4. Jodi!!! Absolutely awesome pics!!!! In particular I love the barn picture. Can I copy so I can use it as a desktop? If not pleeeeeeease send me a print. The osprey was awesome (did I already use that word - how about - astonishing, awe-inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking, exalted, grand, impressive, intimidating, magnificent, majestic, mind-blowing*, moving, overwhelming, something else, striking, stunning, wonderful, wondrous!) I'm originally from Wyoming/Colorado, so I do love the pictures of the mountains! As always, thanks for sharing!!


  5. Had to get out my Idaho map and see where all these places are. One doesn't have to go to an exotic destination to find beautiful scenery, it's in our own backyards.

  6. You're absolutely right, Shirley. Maybe some day, I will make it to your backyard and blog it here!