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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tell Me ... Is it Thursday already?

1. In sheepdog training (or lets call it *any* type of training), how do you keep from taking yourself, your dog, your lack of progress too seriously?

Seriously?  I blame everyone and everything around me, profess to sell my dog(s) ... and quit.  Simple.   (Yes, go ahead and copy the link and talk about how, "OMG!  She knows she does this????")

2. How many crates do you have? For reals.

Three that can be considered crates, two that might hold a dog, and one that ... well, you can't really call that one a crate.  So, 5.  Oh, and one of them isn't even mine, so 4.

3. How do you keep your dogs in shape?

Round is a shape, isn't it?

4. Who is your favorite movie/tv star eye candy at the moment? 

Do Rock Stars count?

5. What is your livestock situation? Have your own? Borrow? Herd the cats? (You can subsitute other equipment for livestock if you don't work stock with your dogs). 

I don't have any sheep, so I got me one of those big giant balls and am busy teaching all of the dogs Treiball.  Zip is pretty good, but he's going deaf, so he can't hear me when I try to have him do inside flanks.  Echo gets mad at me because I keep telling her that she is not allowed to herd the ducks, only inanimate objects like big balls while I stand there with my whistle, my clicker and my crook pretending I'm an open handler and the balls are sheep.  Reese ... she doesn't care.  She's just happy to be awake.


  1. Rock stars TOTALLY count! YUM.

    How is Reese doing? Awake is good. :)

  2. Reese is doing great! She doesn't care what she's doing as long as she's doing something and is a happy, happy dog 24/7. That's the Pieces!

  3. I'm so very glad to hear it. :) Here's to many many more happy dog days for her!