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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh God.

Here's something I am really sick of.  And I am sure this post is not going to make any fans for me.  Guess what?  I don't care.

Why do believers feel they are better than non-believers?  Why do they feel they have the right to "feel sorry" for someone who does not believe in ghosts and the tooth fairy?  Why do people believe in "God"?  I think it's because they're afraid of death.  People can't handle the thought that when the lights go out, it's over.  Your body shuts down, and rots (unless you put some gnarly chemicals in it that will keep it "fresh" for a while), and you're done.  But no, the believers have created an "afterlife" where you basically live with "God" in the clouds, and you meet up with every dog you've ever owned, and you live in a devil-free environment and everything is wonderful.  REALLY????

I mean, seriously, people look down at me for being an atheist.  Yet they believe "God" created man miraculously ... and then created woman by pulling a rib off the man he created ... and then there's the lovely story about the forbidden apple.  And THEY are going to pray for ME????  C'mon people.

Who created "God"?

The Christian answer is ... he's just always existed.




And here's a good one.  A car full of ... "Christians" ... will drive all the way out to the country, up my driveway, ring my doorbell all the while risk the pack of dogs in front of them at my gate, all to try to shove their religion down my throat and insult me on my own friggin' property!  In the name of "God"!!!!  I asked one of them, "Can I please have your address so I can drive with a carload of my friends to your house and preach to you about atheism and how death really happens?"  She didn't give me her address.  She told me how sad my life is and how she hopes I am saved before something happens to me.  I asked her ... "Saved by who?"  Well ... "By God," of course.  "He doesn't exist."  She asks me the age-old stupid question of, "How do you know he doesn't exist?"  I replied, "How do you know he does?"  She talked about how she believes he does and until someone proves to her that he doesn't, she will continue to believe in him.  (I am not using a capital H for all the "he" and "him" and shit here.  You're lucky I've got the capital G going on.)  So I told her, "Then why is it that because I believe he does NOT exist, and will continue to believe that until someone proves to me otherwise, that you feel a need to tell me how sorry you feel for me and you will pray for me like I am some sort of leper?  That's rather insulting and you're standing on MY land telling me this." 

Guess what, people!?  I am an atheist.  It's not a disease.  It's not a mental illness.  There's nothing to feel sorry for me about.  I won't rot in a hell I don't believe in.  I won't be struck down by a devil or some god I don't subscribe to.  On Sunday morning, you can usually find me at home ... not sitting in some building with a thingie at the top of it eating little pieces of cardboard and drinking grape juice while singing about a fairy tale while holding hands with people I don't know.  I'm not angry.  I'm not unhappy.  It's just ... not my thing.  I don't seek out believers and try to belittle them for believing in whatever they need to believe in to make it through the day, or the week or the year, or their life.  Whatever.

Something I learned this year by an ex-boyfriend of mine that would preach to me and try to make me see the light.  He told me about the little passage:  "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers."   Wow.  Christians are so weak in their faith that the church is afraid they will be drawn to the "dark side" by a lover?  Fabulous. 

Sex before marriage -- yeah, you're supposed to wait until you're married.  Right.  I'm sure the 16 year-old heroin addict is telling her supplier, "No wait, hold on ... you have to marry me first." 

Abortion -- Yeah.  Abortion is a "sin."  The 16 year-old mentioned above is, instead, supposed to have the baby -- drug-addicted or not -- and leave the baby with her parents to raise it so she can go back to living on the streets and doing more drugs.  Or in jail.   Who is going to pay for the baby?  The church that guilted the sinner into having the baby?  Oh hell no.  The right-to-lifers out there that preach their beliefs on the street corners with their kids in tow?  Oh hell no.  The politicians with their temporary agendas?  Please.

The whole religion thing is so unrealistic to me.  I can tell you this:  I do not need the fear of "God" striking me down, or the threat of going to hell, or the dreaded "purgatory" to make me carry around a decent set of morals.  I do my best to treat people the way I expect to be treated.  I am tired of seeing the hypocritical, non-sensical stuff that is coming out of religion nowadays.  Please ... if you and your Christian buddies are hell-bent on feeling sorry for someone, please look to eachother and leave me out of it.



  1. It is your choice. God's okay with that. He's not making you believe or accept anything. Clearly you are mad at the Christians. And we can be turds. It's true.
    I'm not feeling sorry for you at all. ;-)
    Good post. Full of emotion, yet well written.
    And we def share a love for bc's even if we don't agree on the whole "God" thing. I'm okay with that. I hope you are too.

  2. Ah well, if we were all the same it would be a boring world. Hopefully you don't paint all Christians with the same brush!

  3. Good post. All I want to do is live, and be let to live. Same for everyone.

  4. I too am a little tired of knowing the world views me as a moral-free heathen who is worse and who is "at the top of the list of groups that Americans find problematic," simply because I apply the same principles of logic and empiricism to religion as I apply to all other aspects of life. I don't look down on religious people, I dearly love some people who are very religious. But its considered socially acceptable to look down on me due to my lack of belief in the supernatural. Atheism is the last minority group that its OK to discriminate against.
    Beth F.