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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crate Madness

 I resisted the urge to post photos of (yet) a(nother) crate I bought today.  It's a Furrari 450 with a bit of remodeling done to the edging, and was dirt cheap because of it.  I couldn't resist.  In fact, Phyllis couldn't either, and went and picked it up for me since it was closer to her house than mine.  Afterwards, I met Phyllis back at her house and hung out with the dogs for a while.

Here's Chase.  I think he goes back to some Shannahan dogs, but I could be wrong.  

Here's Rusty.  He's a Jock x Lil breeding from Don Helsley.

This is McCloud, the Sheltie.  A lot of people talk about how Shelties look like miniature Standard Collies.  I don't think so.  Shelties still have eyeballs.

Here's Rook (Zip x Jenn).

... and Misty ... (Zip x Jenn).  How's them for some ears????  They are almost as big as Mo's!

A bunch of dogs.

Rusty & Rook:

Here's Kopper (red merle) and Jade (black) ... the Zip x Echo pups.

And I'm not sure how they didn't fall off this thing when this happened!

This Kopper pup is absolutely adorable.  She's busy and having a ball hanging out with her sister.  Her sister, Jade, by the way, is the imp of the two ... constantly kicking Kopper's little ass.  Too funny.  Kopper takes it well, and dishes some of it back.  Phyllis is doing a great job of starting her basic obedience training, and I can't wait to get her here to continue with it.  When her sister's not in the picture, she's quite focused on her handler and very food motivated.  Sounds like her dad.

Gonna go for a walk tonight.  Looking forward to it.  Haven't done that in a while.



  1. Jodi, As always I love the photos!! Cute pups - they always give us joy and hope!


  2. They are some good dogs! Nice one Jodi!

  3. Love all the dog pics- guaranteed to bring a smile, specially those pups. Adorable!