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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holy Heights!

On Monday, Emily and I went for a ride out in the Owyhees.  We were meeting up with a small group of folks, but shortly into the ride, we found ourselves waiting for the rest of the pack so we rode off on our own.

What a gorgeous day!  And these photos will do this area no justice.  This was absolutely one of the coolest rides I've been on.  We kept going up ... and before I knew it, we were at the top of this mountain with beautiful views everywhere you looked.

Despite our best attempts to find an alternate way down, we finally accepted the fact that we would have to go back the same way we came ... which was fine.  The whole area was very steep and I was a little bit un-nerved, especially after the two of us almost running right into a very large prairie rattlesnake that, thankfully, made his presence very known.  The horses didn't care, but it got out hearts pumping.  A good reminder that we are in the heart of snake season, and hitting these remote areas ... we are bound to run into them. 

I took my saddle to the saddlemaker down the road today, and he turned my stirrups, and put in proper breast collar rings for me.  I have a really nice breast collar and haven't been able to use it yet.

I have another ride scheduled for Saturday, if I don't ride again before then.  Too much fun!



  1. Looks a lot like the area where Merri from Equestrian Vagabond blog rides, you must live fairly close to her. Sure is nice that you are getting lots of good riding time in.

  2. Yes! I am not too far from her, but it is the same mountain range. She is a lot more familiar with these mountains, though, and I am just getting started. This is the mountain range that I have been dying to check out, and was one of the inspirations for me getting a horse. Amazing country!

  3. Wow! Breathtaking views! All of our trails are mainly trees with some clear cut. I love riding different places just for the scenery change!
    That is fantastic that you are getting out and doing a lot of riding!