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Monday, May 21, 2012

Diabetes Ride 2012

Fun ride! Got there nice and early Sunday morning, and met up with Cindi and her daughter, and one of the other gals, Mary, from the Just Horsin' Around group, and also found Don and Dustin and his wife (whose name I don't recall). When it was time to ride out, I wasn't sure where Cindi and her group were, so Jillane and I took off with Don and his group. We did the short ride, which later on turned out to be a good thing because Dustin's horse started hitchin' his back left leg toward the end of the ride. I didn't take any photos on the ride itself, but for an organized ride, it was fun. The horses behave differently on these rides. Jillane (who rode with me) and one of the other people in the group had endurance horses, and they stayed out in front of the pack. Since Kahlua was in the trailer with Jillane's horse, I worked the entire time to hold her back so I could stay with the rest of the group. Don showed me a couple of things, so I turned it into a training session, and hopefully I can communicate with Kahlua a bit clearer. We went up over quite a few hills, and the horses got worked pretty good.  

I took my camera with me, but never took it out of the bag.  Here's a few photos from my phone, although I didn't think to take any on the ride itself.

Don and Dustin

Lunch was awesome!  I don't know who it was catered by, but here was the view when you were putting together your plate.

Pulled pork sandwiches, really good potato salad, regular salad, beans, rolls, etc.  They even had coolers full of rock solid frozen ice cream.  There were quite a few people there, so hopefully the foundation made some good money.  When I was hanging out under the food tents, I hear, "Jodi?"  I look at this person who had come over and was looking right at me, but it was one of those things where if you see them in a place different from where you normally see them, you recognize them, but can't place who it is.  It was Debbie ... Jack's girlfriend.  I haven't seen her in at least a year ... and have only seen her at stockdog trials.  It's amazing how many people I run into at these horse events because of the dogs.  Anyway, it was nice to see her, and hopefully I can get her and Jack out for a ride in the Owyhees soon.

There was a raffle that I didn't stick around for, but they were selling feeders (inside out tractor tires) for $25.  When I bought one, the woman told me to take two.  I love free stuff!

Got a bunch of stuff to do today and then I'm headed out to the Owyhees tomorrow morning for a ride, I think.  If all works out, anyway. 

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