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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yup.  That's his nickname. 

Ok, enough of that. 

The weeds are starting to grow in pretty thick on the other side of the canal, so Echo and I pushed some sheep down my side of the canal, over the bridge you see in the photo and then back toward my house on the other side of the canal.

Two momma ewes, one with a single, one with twins.  They're doing a fine job taking care of it.

Back at my place, the lilacs are in full bloom.  I have three of them.  Two are this pretty dark purple color ...

And one is this much lighter color ...

I forgot to take a photo of the whole bush with the light flowers on it because I was distracted by my big tough ram lamb standing right next to it ... with his bodyguards!! 

And here's the new momma with her boys.  It's photos like these that make me realize what a talented photographer I am.  I mean, seriously, who else would catch a photo of a sheep with a duck on its back?  Sheer skill there.


  1. Punkeroo is still adorable as ever! He's gotta be the cutest pup.
    Love the lilacs, I love the smell of them. I think I need to get some!!

  2. I love your lilacs! I'm trying to find someone with the dark purple ones who will let me dig up some shoots for my place.
    Your pup is so photogenic.