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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Even the photos are funny!

Rita and Phyllis came out on Sunday, and Rita is starting to work both Jackson and Pearl on her own.

Phyllis is starting to use Jade for little chores.  She and Jade put the sheep in the round pen for Rita.

Jade is looking more and more like Echo all the time.

 Rita still feels like she has two left feet, and at times, isn't quite sure what she's doing with the stock wand, so if nothing else, it makes for some pretty comical photos.  Jackson is quite soft, and as you can see in the photos by his tail set, not very serious about his work.  This is Rita's 2nd time in the arena on her own, so despite where the stockwand was (usually high in the air), she's not threatening anyone with it ... on purpose!  LOL

Here's what Jackson thinks about Rita having to be in the picture at all. 

And then there was this ... looks like she was beating him senseless, doesn't it? 

Here was the result.  She was busy tripping over him!

When we were done laughing, we made sure she was okay.  :-)  Hey Rita, you are now officially ... a stockdog handler!  With photos to prove it!  Congratulations! 

Rita also worked Pearl and they are doing great.

I also put Zoe in for a bit and she's doing well and gaining more and more confidence each time.  I look forward to watching her develop.

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  1. Another fun outing!! Working dogs with friends - doesn't get much better than that in my opinion!! Jackson is a hoot!

    Lilac bush/tree in the corner? I can smell it! So miss those from home - too hot here to grow!

    Have a great day!