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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reynolds Creek, Owyhees

On a whim this afternoon, Emily and I saddled up and took a drive out to Reynolds Creek.  (Check out my newly turned stirrups!  My knees thanked me.)

Kahlua was donning her fancy new blingy breast collar.

A shot out the window while I was driving.  Those are the mountains I was headed to.  Doesn't look like much from here.

Reynolds Creek is really nice, and there are miles and miles and miles of trails to explore. There were lots of big horse-eating things out there, but the horses managed to keep their heads about them, despite the fact that Emily's horse was sure that we were riding her out to where we were going to make her into dog food.

Jaenne and I walked the dogs through this canyon one time, and I thought to myself then how nice it would be to bring Kahlua through there.  And it was! 

Oh, big scary horse-eating rock.

It's hard to take photos when the sun in out and really bright (I am not complaining!), so what I get is what I get.  LOL!  Lots of ear shots.

These are the Oxbow stirrups that came with my saddle.  They are very heavy, made of iron, and I heard a terrible story about someone getting hit in the head with one of these when they fell off their horse.  I wish I'd never heard that.  LOL.  I love these stirrups though.  So comfortable, and my feet do not get hung up in them at all.

Got a bit of sunburn today, and it feels great!  Tomorrow I'm headed to Boise to drop a few sheep off for someone who needs walking lawnmowers, then to sushi for lunch with a friend.  Friday, we might head out to ride again, and then Saturday morning is a ride out at Succor Creek.

The Questionable Decisions are going to start questioning their decision to come live with me!


  1. Jodi, what great photos (as usual - love them!) So glad Kahlua is working out so well and that you saddle is fit better for you!!
    Have a great day!

  2. You sure live in a great place for riding. Love the saddle. I've never ridden with oxbow stirrups, but wouldn't mind trying them. I usually ride visalia style stirrups. A lot of cutters use oxbows.

  3. Thanks Shirley. This saddle is so comfortable ... so glad I found it.