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Friday, June 1, 2012

Treasure Trove

Yesterday, I brought a few ewes over to Phyllis' so they can help her neighbor eat down the weeds.  Phyllis and her neighbor were deciding which was the best way for me to get the trailer backed up to the property, etc.  I told Phyllis, "I'm going to pull up in front of your house, and you're going to walk the sheep over there."  The funny part was ... first she had to get them out of the Questionable Decision. 

Her lawn ... is like a golf course.  I am sure the sheep would have loved it.

Here are the volunteers:

She said, "I'll need Echo to go in there and get them out."  I laughed.  "You have your own dog!"

After a couple of tries at sending a dog into the Questionable Decision with 4 not-so-happy mommas that have just been taken off their babies an hour ago, she switched things up a bit.  Lies Rusty down way away from the QD, goes in and makes excitable noises to try to get the sheep to move, but instead ends up exciting Rusty, and he comes to "help." 

I help, too.  Can't you tell?  I'm snapping pictures in between giggles.

The next time, Rusty kept his down and the sheep walked out nice and calmly and were happy to munch on the neighbor's lawn edge while Phyllis got the QD closed.

Then they picked them up and took them for a nice leisurely little stroll down the street.  The neighbors in this nice little area must have thought we'd lost our minds.

Her neighbor is an older gentleman who collects old army vehicles and paraphernalia.

And a lot of it is piled up in a somewhat orderly fashion in his backyard ... covered in grass and weeds.

I'm kind of excited to see what all is back here once they have this all eaten down.

Good job, Rusty!

Echo and I were keeping an eye on things, while Phyllis went and turned the water on to fill up the water trough.  I got down nice and low to take a photo of Echo, all too aware that I was near all that grass that hides lots of things, including creepy crawlies and slithering things ...

.... when I hear, "Tttsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" ... and jump about five feet in the air.

It was this little hole in the hose that was right next to my foot.  I guess Phyllis found the spigot!

We got things all situated and headed back to Phyllis'.  She has these gorgeous flowers in front of her house.  I picked up some petunias, but not this color.

...or this color...

Then we went and got the mail ... several times.  She was telling me how much of a burden collecting the mail was, so she hires help.  Here's Jade showing her mother her new job.

She learned it, of course, from the master:

Echo is quite fascinated with this duty. 

So I gave the mail to Echo, and let's just say, it didn't take long before we were playing 52 coupon pick-up.

That's all, folks! 


  1. Rusty is handsome, I had a red/white a few years ago and have been looking for another one ever since.
    Hey- I'd have jumped too! LOL!

  2. Good job Rusty!!!! You're QD has come in handy for lots of things!!
    Beautiful flowers!