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Monday, June 25, 2012

Warren, Idaho

A fun camping weekend was just what the doctor ordered!  The destination ... Warren, Idaho!  I've never been to this part of Idaho and was excited to see it.  Warren is northeast of McCall. 

When we got there, we unpacked, and the first thing we noticed was a bird nest in one of the trees right in the center of the campsite.  Not sure what type of bird it is ... the momma was only about 5" long ... but here's a shot of the babies.

Momma was quite nervous, so it was hard to get a good shot of her.  There are so many little birds that look like this, and I lost interest trying to identify it.

Oh ... meet Lee!  Lee and I met earlier this year ... a nicer guy you will not find.

This is the true test.  The Monster Test.  I'd say he passed with flying colors. 

Saturday morning, we got up and went for a walk in the woods.  The dogs enjoyed that.

I am told this is Bigfoot hair!

Lee not only knows a ton of people, but knows a ton about this area, so he made a great tour guide and I learned a lot.  The Timber Tigers (chipmunks) scared the crap out of me every time they did their little warning call, but I finally got used to it and stopped thinking they were rattlers.  Spent too much time in the Owyhees, I guess.

Cruz did great on the whole trip.

I thought this spider web was pretty neat.  It was hard to catch, as it's very very delicate, and you could only see it if the sun was just right.

And Echo ...

I never did get a good photo of Reese on this trip.  Zip was at Jaenne's because Echo is in season, and Zip drives me up a tree whining and carrying on.


Back in town, I got some shots of the local bar, the post office, and a cabin that belongs to a friend of Lee.

I think a print of this outhouse will go in my bathroom, which is busy collecting outhouses.  

Another one of the cabins in town ...

We took a ride past our campsite where Lee showed me the dredge ponds and the dredge.  

I wish I could take one of these home.  

There were cool butterflies everywhere this weekend.  I now really appreciate the butterfly photos I see everyone else take.  Man, they're hard to catch!

The sunsets were amazing...

Even in camp ... a gazillion miles from home ... someone knows Lee.  Here's his neighbor, coming to say hi.

The one thing I did miss as I was making dinner was watching Lee pan for gold.  He's got everything one needs and has obviously done this before.  But I'm sure we'll do this again.

The next morning, we headed back up to the dredge ponds to go fishing.  There were tons of fish, and the water is so clear, you could watch the fish take the bait.  Some of the fish are quite small, so you could avoid them taking the bait if you wanted to!  Just a gorgeous day!

Cruz did a great job on this trip and got to accompany me when I went for a walk.  He is getting so big.  He turned 5 months old the other day.

On the way back down, Lee took me to Burgdorf Meadows.  Pretty, but not quite as nice as Warren.

Thanks again, Lee, for an awesome weekend!


  1. I was just thinking the other day - "sure wish Jodi would post some of her awesome photos!" I WAS NOT disappointed - gonna have to go through these several times just to see everything!! Keeps me in touch with my mountain roots!! Thanks a bunch!! Cruz is an awesome looking pup, and Lee seems like a great guy to have around!

  2. Looks like a fantastic place to go.

    I think your bird is a Fox Sparrow.

  3. I sure like the old equipment and buildings, we love to explore places like that. Cruz sure looks like a nice pup.

  4. Hey Susan, finally got around to checking out that link, and you're right (as if you needed ME to tell you that!) ... that's what it is. The link you provided has a better photo of it than the one in Sibley. The spots on the front of its chest is what was throwing me. Do you know if the male or female is the larger bird? Is there much difference in the markings between the two?

  5. Looks like a fantastic weekend! Also, I can't believe how big Cruz is getting. How much does he weigh now?