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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Riding the Lake

A small group of us rode the lake again today.  Windy, but gorgeous day.  The evil wind kept the evil mosquitoes away ... so I guess it was worth the trade.  Maybe.

It's tough taking photos on my phone, because when it's sunny out, it's hard to see the screen and what's actually being photographed.

See the woman walking?  She walked ahead of us for quite some time.  I dubbed her, "Pace Car."

And the horse eating parasail (or whatever that thing is called).

I was getting a kick out of Kahlua's Alfalfa hairdo.  I know.  I need a job.  Or a life ... or something.


  1. Looks a good ride! Could have been there.

  2. What a beautiful ride to the lake!! It is so pretty there. That's great you are getting so many rides in!!