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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sightseeing ...

On Saturday morning, I met up with a couple of people and went for a ride at Succor Creek.  Debra and Lewt were a blast to ride with!  The views were gorgeous, we rode out to the creek and hung out for a while.  Gorgeous day, fun ride!

Check out Lewt on the top of the hill.  Crazy cowboys.

Last night Emily came over and we rode Kahlua and Red (Red is the one who is temporarily hanging out here at my place) on my irrigation canal ... something I've been dying to do since I got Kahlua, but she's not nuts about riding out alone, and the last place I want her to spook is on the canal bank.  Anyway, we rode out several miles and the horses kept us entertained the whole way with their antics.

In this photo, you can see the lake that is dead smack in front of my house, but I don't have a view of it because of the trees.

We both liked this photo a bunch.

Fun rides!  Thanks everyone!


  1. I love the shadow shot!! Beautiful scenery around your place!!!

  2. I can see why you wanted to ride the canal road, perfect place for an afternoon ride.