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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Working Cows ...

Ranch-sat again this weekend for Mr. Couch.  Before he left for the weekend, he gave a couple of people lessons on working cows, so I went out to take a few photos and brought Echo along.  I wasn't too keen on working the cows myself, but I tried it anyway.  What a blast!

Here's Teaka.

And Tig ...

And Lil.  This is a very nice little dog!

And Echo ...

And Shay...

Buggin' out!

Monday morning...


  1. Dogs looked like they did a good job. It's nice when you have a good set of cattle to start them instead of rank ole mama cows. You got some great shots too.

  2. Great photos!! Loved seeing the dogs working cattle!! My Liesl dog looks a lot like Teaka! She has more black, but she has a black dot on her head like Teaka!! Do you know the breeding on her? I know that Liesl (unregistered) is our of a female that was bred by Orrin Barnes and that her daddy was a dog that Kenneth Beasley owns called Hoss. Just curious.

  3. I will see if I can find her pedigree for you. If I remember correctly, she's pretty inbred, er oops ... I was probably supposed to call that "linebred."

  4. Too funny!!! Inbreeding if it doesn't work - Linebreeding if it does work!!