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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Featherville and Feather-ville!

Well, the trip to Featherville didn't go as planned, unfortunately.  We loaded up the horses, and made it up there just fine.  Emily and I put our horses (Red and Kahlua, a gelding and a mare who had been sharing a small pasture for the last two weeks) in one of the corrals, and another guy wanted to put his horse in with ours.  So far as we could tell, it was another gelding.  Not long in, and the other gelding was backing up to Red and trying to double-barrel him.  Emily asked the owner a couple of times to move his horse to a different corral, and the response was, "Oh don't worry about it.  They'll work it out." 

They worked it out alright. 

We walked back to the trucks and started setting up camp when someone started yelling and we could see the "gelding" (who we later found out was proud cut) kicking and Red was limping really bad.  We get back down to the corrals to find out that Red's left rear femur has a compound fracture above the knee.  Unfortunately, he needed to be euthanized, and we packed back up and came back home.  Very very sad situation.

On a better but equally feathered note, here's what I found in my Quack Shack today.  I count 16 so far.


  1. Oh that totally sucks about your friends horse. I'd never let a strange horse in a corral with mine. Especially if there were other pens available. So sad.
    But the ducklings are adorable! Are you going to use them to help train your pup when they get a little older?

  2. Oh that's terrible about your friends horse!
    Ha, and I can't believe all those ducks. Too funny. You'd better start eating more omelots. Eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner. If you don't start eating the eggs before they hatch, this could be an exponentially growing problem. There'll be no return!