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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another Rant

Went down to the All Valley Animal Care Center in Meridian. What a bunch of baffoons work there! They don't have a clue! Anyway, I had to have my dogs vaccinated for rabies so I could get their Canyon County licenses, and myself a kennel license. What a day. Let me tell you.

At the animal care center, they are trying to tell me that because I don't have paperwork showing current rabies vaccinations (they are in boxes somewhere around here), that my dogs need to get a one year rabies shot, and then they can give them the 3 year next year. Ummm ... sounds like a vet is looking for some easy cash, eh? So I said, no, they get a 3 year except for the puppy. They said, "No, it's a law." We said, "Yeah? Where? Show it to us." They respond with, "We don't have it. You can look it up." Um no. That law doesn't exist.

The kicker? The actual vaccine is THE SAME VACCINE.

She knows I'm agitated, and I asked her for the law showing what she's talking about, that I can research it where I work (and mentioned specifically where I work) and she said she didn't have it. Seeing that I was aggravated, she said, "I could have my boss take a look at this and see if they can issue you the 3 year rabies certificate." I said, "How can they do that? They would be breaking a quote unquote law."

Such bullshit.

So there's my first goal.

Then I look at the paperwork, and the idiot spelled my name "Jody" ... and I told her my name was spelled wrong on the rabies certificate. She held up the paperwork I filled out and said, "No, see?" I looked. I blinked. Words did not form. I just didn't know how to tell her she's a fucking moron without telling her she's a fucking moron. I didn't misspell my own name, I assure you.

I walked out. Janie handled the rest of it.

So I take my paperwork for the three dogs (I didn't take Echo because she's nursing) over to the Canyon County Animal Shelter. I hand her the three rabies certificates, and she fills out whatever she needs and gives me the other little blue tags. I then asked for a kennel license. She pulls out this cutesy little 1/2 sheet of cardstock with "Kennel License" written across the top of it. She fills out my name. Spells it "Jody" ... I told her she spelled it wrong. She holds up the corrected rabies certificate and is about to correct me when she realizes she's a moron. She tosses that one and starts again.

She gets down to the line that asks for how many dogs. If you look at my previous post, a kennel license covers up to 15 dogs (anything over 5 and you need a Conditional Use Permit from Planning and Zoning). Well, apparently dingbat at the desk doesn't know this. When she was going to fill out the line for how many dogs I had, I said, "5." She said, "No, you only have 3." I said, "Um ... I own 5." She said, "Well, if you don't have them registered, then I can't include them on the kennel license." I said, "So, if I only have 3 dogs, I don't need a kennel license, so why are you filling one out and taking my money for it?" She said, "Anything over two dogs and you need one. Don't you live in Nampa?" I said, "Yes, but I do not live within the city limits, so I am allowed three dogs without a kennel license." She quickly reaches for the little pamphlet thing to prove me wrong, and I said, "You have my address. Don't you have a map of the Nampa City Limits?" She said, "I'm not going to argue with you." I said, "That's good, considering I've researched this and apparently you haven't." I asked her, "Who is to stop me from coming in here and buying a kennel license even if I have no dogs? Is there a law against it or something?" She said, "Ma'am, I'm not going to argue with you." I said, "Riddle me this, Batwoman... If I have a kennel license for 4 dogs, and then I buy another dog, do I need to come down and buy another kennel license?" She stared blankly at me. I said, "If I have a kennel license for 5 dogs, and Animal Control comes by and sees I only have 4 dogs, am I in violation of my own kennel license?" She stared blankly at me. I said, "Pain in the ass, isn't it?"

I grabbed my three registrations and rabies certificates and walked out.

I now have a call into Officer Loretta _____ to get my questions answered. I'll be researching the rabies vaccination issue later also.

This has been nothing short of a fucking joke.

Jody ... I mean, er, um ... Jodi

I think.

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