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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whiskey ... the forgotten child ...

When I was at work today, we were talking, of course, about Echo and her puppies. One of the attorneys asked me for some recent photos of Whiskey, so surely I had some and got busy finding them for her. Or thought I would. I didn't. I haven't taken any pics of her since the Dianne clinic a few months ago. After a good ribbing, I told them I would take some pictures of the "forgotten child" ... so without further adieu ... here is the office pup, Whiskey.

And I never thought I could take a terrible photo of a majestic dog such as Jag, but I think I just did it.  He looks 150 years old, poor guy.

And I would be remiss to omit the blue one.  Here's Zip.

And curiosity kills the ca-... Echo.

Ok ... so now I've fulfilled my duties.  Can someone PLEASE do me a favor????  Can you PLEASE tell me what the hell this bug is????  They really like the outside of my house and I'd like for them to go like the outside of someone else's house.

K.  Thanks.


  1. That Whiskey is damn cute!

  2. A Red Hemipteran.
    Cute lil Box Elder Bug

  3. Thanks Susan! So what do I do about them?

  4. Bugs are part of country life
    Short of cutting down your trees or living with poison learn to enjoy their particular beauty!

    Apparently they only like female trees:

    An obvious way to avoid infestations by this pest in residential properties is to get rid of near-by female boxelder trees. If this species is to be planted as an ornamental or shade tree, male trees should be purchased from the nursery. They are propagated by cuttings from staminate trees. Chemical control can best be obtained by spraying the nymphs on the host trees before the adults have had a chance to migrate. Power spray equipment is usually required and a professional should be hired to do the job safely.

    Once Box elder bugs have moved into the cavities of a home in the fall, there is nothing that can be done to eliminate them, save vacuuming up the little buggers that get into your living space. Removing all boxelder trees in an area will prevent breeding. Caulking windows and doors, and repairing window and door screens will help prevent bugs from entering a home. If you decide you would like to spray for control, one home remedy is to use a 3-4% mix of water and soap (by volume) that can be sprayed directly on the insects. Remember however that soaps only kill on contact. In extreme cases have a pest control professional apply a residual insecticide to exterior walls in the fall where the bugs are congregating - this will tend to discourage them from landing.

  5. Well, it seems they are pretty harmless. If that's the case, I don't mind them. They don't fly, they don't bite, and they don't seem to leave a huge mess. The Boxelder trees!?!? I didn't know that's what they were called! Those little helicopter-like seed pods were so cool when I was a kid! I'd break one in half and stick the half at the end of my nose! Those trees are everywhere back east. Although, now that I said that, I wonder if there's not a similar tree that grows back east that has those helicopter seed pod thingies.

  6. Your family is beautiful! except the bug thing...(itching all over now).