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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Interesting day...

Did some instinct testing today.  (I guess I'll leave off the location where I did the instinct testing, as Animal Control might show up and try causing problems.  Nice, eh?)  There were about 5 or 6 dogs that came out.  The first one was a six month old blue merle gorgeous Aussie.  He was very cute and fun to work with.  He needs some maturing, and I'm sure he'll be back.

The second was a Mini Aussie.  By the way, there is no such thing.  Once you miniaturize it, it's a crossbred miniature mutt dog.  Period.  And usually pretty darned useless on stock.  This little thing yapped from the time it got there till the time it left, and didn't have a lick of instinct in her.  Sad, really. 

Another one of the new dogs that came today is a gorgeous red tri Aussie named Dune.  OMG, I loved this dog from the moment I saw him.  His eyes are so soulful.  His breeder apparently does not have a very good reputation at all, and now I can see why.  This dog ended up in rescue, and the breeder was contacted, and "couldn't" take the dog back due to an injury or some other lame excuse.  When asked for the papers on the NEUTERED dog, they were told they would have to cough over $375 for a useless piece of paper on a neutered dog that the breeder produced and refused to take responsibility for, yet wanted MORE money for the papers on the dog she originally sold in the first place.  What. A. Joke.  Yes, couldn't take the dog back, yet has more puppies on the ground.  Imagine that.

Anyway, a lovely dog.  And his owner isn't half bad either.  ;-)  Too bad, though.  She wouldn't give "Dude" to me.

Then Janie and I went through all of the sheep and marked those we're selling and those we're keeping.  An arduous process, but it's done now, and we can start selling off what we don't want.  I am only going to keep a few to work, and a few to raise to eat.  All told, between the two of us, we'll probably only keep about 25 or 30 sheep.  If we need more for an event, we'll rent them.

On the work front, the furlough days are starting to kick my ass.  The missing money out of my paycheck really hurts.  If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't mind having three-day weekends every other weekend.

I need to get back to working on this place.  I've been really kind of schluffing off lately.  I've done little things, like gotten most of the kitchen boxes unpacked and stuff put away.  I did a bit of organizing and unpacking the crap in the outbuilding.  That's starting to shape up out there.  Still have a ton more to do.  I think this week I am going to start hanging pictures.  If I screw up the walls in the process, I'll just have to fix them, that's all.

I also need to get my electrician out to replace all of the outlets to three-prong thingies and get them all fastened and covered up.  I'm not messing with the electricity.

My face feels like it got a little sunburn today.  What a gorgeous day out.

Another thing on my list of stuff to do this week is to make a more elaborate puppy pen.  The puppies actually look like puppies now, and they are starting to get pretty active.  They'll need more room very soon.

Anyway, I'm a bit burned out and need to get some sleep before I start my nutty 4-day week.  (Sounds like a part-time job, doesn't it?)


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