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Monday, March 29, 2010

A bit of progess ...

Janie came over this weekend and helped me put the wallpaper border up in my so-boring bathroom.

Here are some close ups:

And I've really wanted to incorporate little outhouses into the decor.  So ... I did.  I found some pics on the internet and printed them out and stuck them in a frame and this is how it came out.

So it became part of the wall.  I will try finding some more stuff to fill these boring walls.



  1. The framed outhouses are very cute!

    Although, I must say, as someone who spent 5 years living in a primarily gay neighborhood in Chicago (Boys Town), "bath house" has a totally different connotation for me. :-P

  2. I love the outhouse paintings they are adorable. As is the border.

  3. Love the framed pictures! Great idea to print them out. They came out excellent! Super way to save on $$$.