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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sam Sam Sam ...

I was wandering aimlessly in the Owyhees and found a couple of things.  One was this great dog!  Check him out!  I've named him Sam.

Isn't he gorgeous!?!?!?

Sam was pretty distracted by this homeless man that walked by.

He was right on his heels.  I told him, "No!  Sam!  Don't bite that guy!"  So Sam finally backed off, and went back to posing for me.

Sam got bored with the photo shoot and wanted to go for a ride.  He said he'd never seen Murphy, so I drove him down there to check it out.

Sam asked me if I would research that Otter Masacre.  I told him I'd be happy to.  Anything for him.

Here's the post office...

We passed by the Sheriff's Office ... Sam became very uncomfortable, so we kept driving.  Made me wonder what's in Sam's past. 

The scenery was beautiful all day.  It threatened to rain, but the weather held out.

There's a museum of sorts in Murphy, and Sam wanted me to take some photos to memorialize our first trip together.  He really liked this thing.

I had to open this to see what this was.  It houses a fire hose.  The hand crank on the side is pretty cool.

There was this train car there, and Sam was just begging me to take him on it ... so I did.  I don't know if they allowed dogs on the train, but I thought, what the hell ... you only live once ... and what's the worst they could do?  Kick us off?

It was really quite neat inside...

Most of it was gutted, and I thought what a great bridge it would make going over like a small stream in someone's front yard or something.

It wasn't long before Mr. Crabby Conductor showed up and kicked us off the train. 

Said something real nasty like, "No dogs allowed!"  I thought ... sheesh ... what 's got into him?  Wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something???  Fine!  We'll leave.

Just a random cool building off in the distance ...

On our way down to Murphy, I saw a really cool sign I thought I'd get a picture of on the way back.  It would go perfectly in my bathroom.  Now to find a frame for it.

I would have liked to just stolen the sign itself, but a photo will have to do.

We ended up heading back to Marsing, and then heading out the old road off the I.O.N.  (See, Janie!  It's NOT the Ion, no matter how you want to say it!)

A really weird thing happened.  I was on this lookout taking photos ... of all of the gorgeous views ...

... when Sam started to bark.  Now Sam loves people and doesn't normally bark at people, unless the person is really odd or something.  I couldn't figure out what he was trying to tell me, so I just kept shootin' away.

When out of nowhere some guy appeared.  He told me that he owned the turnout, and that in order to take photos at his turnout, that I would have to pay him some sort of fee.  It almost seemed like he wasn't wanting cash, and that's a good thing, cause I had none on me.  In fact, I was going to see if he could loan me some money.  He ... um .... thought that was a bit amusing.

  As you can see, he's not a bad looking guy, and he almost looked familiar, but I couldn't place it.

It took another couple of shots while Sam distracted him ...

... and off into the sunset Sam and I went.  Poof!  Gone!

I wonder if the homeless guy had any money I could borrow.  I might go try and find him.

Happy Easter all!


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  1. Hey, the homeless guy looked alot like the Train Conductor. Maybe they were brothers. Loved the pictures. BTW, that bossy landowner was cute. Did you get his number?