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Friday, April 23, 2010

Idaho Dog Laws Group

I started a yahoo group for people who are interested in the dog laws in Idaho.  The group will be unmoderated, so join at your own risk.  The only thing I am doing is requiring approval to join so I can keep the spam to a minimum, so if you can prove you're human, you're in.


This will NOT be a place to spread rumors, unlike one of the other yahoo group that exists out there.  If you make a claim to something, expect to be asked to back it up.   This is also not a sit-and-bitch-endlessly-about-the-laws-and-do-nothing-about-it group, unlike the other yahoo group that exists. 

I am not happy with the way the laws are being enforced, those with websites being targeted (despite claims by the head of the shelter that they aren't targeting people ...), the ridiculous fees for a conditional use permit, the inconsistencies in fees between cats and dogs, etc.  The shelter decides they need more money, so the first thing they are doing is finding the websites of those of us with performance dogs and harassing us about registering out dogs.  What about Joe Blow neighbor that has six dogs who does NOT have a website?  Why isn't he getting "a letter" and a follow up visit from animal control and getting charged with MISDEMEANORS (not citations ... misdemeanors ... much like how a drunk gets a DUI)?  Because ... he doesn't have a website for the shelter employees to browse from their computers because they have nothing better to do --- yet the shelter needs money!  Um, I could think of far better things for those shelter employees to do that would probably save the shelter a whole lot of money and drastically cut down the number of dogs in the shelter.

So not only are my tax dollars going toward a shelter I don't believe in, I am then getting to pay for it AGAIN with my dog licensing fees.  What is the purpose of licensing dogs?  None that I can see.  Microchips easily identify my dogs.  Oh, there's another method of identifying mine.  Try taking them from me.  You'll figure out real quick which ones are mine.

Are my dogs a nuisance?  Ask my neighbors.  I just met my closest neighbor the other day.  She told me the only way she knew I even had dogs was because her father (who I met two weeks ago and had him in my house) told her.  I don't exactly live close to anyone.

This entire thing is ridiculous and things need to change.  I would like to take some ideas to the County Commissioner, and would welcome you to come with me.  As dog owners, we need to voice our opinions.  Otherwise, the only side the commissioners hear is that of the shelter.  And this situation just continues to worsen.


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  1. I agree, the laws are ridiculous. Get this one---a drug and alcohol (for profit) residential treatment center opened up across the canal from us a couple of years ago. The conditional licensing was pushed through despite protests from neighbors, etc. And one neighbor was told by the state senator for our area that it was not there legally. Yet, if I had more than 5 dogs (which I do not, I went through all the BS and got them licensed, got a kennel license, etc) and wanted to do any rescue, etc, I would have to jump through the same hoops as someone who is making a profit from letting drug and alcohol abusers stay at their house in our rural neighborhood. How much sense does THAT make??? None--but we ARE talking the Canyon county commissioners here, who are well-known to be prejudiced in favor of whatever best benefits them.