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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is Springing!

Well, last night, Janie came over with her sewing machine to work on my curtains!  Woo hoo!  The one window in front of the bathroom (that goes floor to ceiling) really compromises my privacy on my travels between my bedroom, the bathroom and my laundry room, so I asked Janie if she would make a sheer for it.


Then she cut the material for the main drapes in the living room.  We started with the two short windows.  She cut and sewed, and then made ME iron!  I told her I suck at ironing, and in fact, I don't even OWN an iron and had to go to her house and get one because she thought I had one!  Ha!  So I whined a lot but kept at it.  I totally screwed up the first one and that was quite frustrating.  Then Janie helped me with the rest of it and sewed up the hems. 

I messed with the lighting a bit to try to get the colors more toward the real colors. 

Really, the fabric ties the colors in the living room and the dining room together.  I'm so glad because ...  bought the paint based on the fabric!  LOL!

Here's a closeup of the fabric.

I moved the puppies out of the middle of my dining room, into the entry way.  Smaller space, but it's right near the front door, and I can start running them out to go potty and such.

I hung my little hooks for the apple coffee cups.  I think it came out kinda cute.  Just need to finish the grout behind them.

So I went outside hoping to collect the day's worth of duck eggs, but I found none.  I was so sad.  I walked around the property checking out what kind of growth I'm getting.

Someone cared about this house at one time. 

I have quite a few trees on the property.  I am interested to see what this turns out to be.

Here's what the entire bush looks like (next to my trailer, of course).

And I have one of these ... which I think might be an apricot tree or something?

Then there's a few of these ...

And this is what the rest of it looks like ...

There's some of this growing by the house.  Don't know what it is, either.

This looks similar to the bush above.

And then just kind of a random, scattery bush that looks like this:

So it will be fun to see what all of this turns into.


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  1. I am pretty sure that the stuff growing by your house is Columbine. It's beautiful in my opinion. The flowers come out on a long stalk above the leaves. Maybe your ducks are holding out on you. Hiding the eggs to hatch them. They are beautiful. We have Indian Runners. Ducks are egg laying machines!