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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You'll have to grow your own ...


I know people have thought I'm off my rocker ... it's not the first time.

But ... it's coming.  Pretty soon, all crops will be Round-Up Ready.  Isn't that nice?  Whether or not you want to eat genetically modified foods will be completely irrelevant.  The farmers love it because it's less work and better yield.  Monsanto likes it because it's more money for them.  Yeah, you can grow your own cows/pigs/sheep, etc., but what will you feed them in the winter time?  You could grow your own alfalfa, but if your neighbor has the lovely genetically modified Monsanto crap, more than likely, the wind will blow, and you'll have it in your crops, and then Monsanto will come in and sue you and you'll be broke in no time.  Don't believe me?  See Schmeiser's story.

So sad.

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