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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Striking Oil!

Ok ... so I'm having trouble keeping up with my personal life ... or something.

Lots has happened.

First ... I love snakes.  Now that the weather has started to warm up, the snakes are startin' to hang out.  Love it!  Here's a bull snake.

He wasn't really cooperating so I had to move him a little bit.  No worries.  No venom.  I'm sure the bite would hurt, but they are not particularly aggressive snakes.  Just move slowly.

We had the Dianne Deal clinic at Janie's last weekend.  Some guy with a German Shepherd showed up to test his dog, so Janie handled it.

I took a drive up to the Birds of Prey at the end of Cole Rd.  Cool place.

I didn't find what I came up looking for (I was at the wrong location), so I was about to leave when some guy started telling me about the place, acting like he knew it all.  I think he was just trying to get my attention.

I told him he looked like a homeless conductor turnout guru I once met.  He thought that was funny.

He told me that he used to work for the railroad, oddly enough.  Also said that, at the moment, he doesn't have any place to live, but that's all about to change.  He sold a turnout and made a little bit of money and bought a few things, but he still didn't get a car, and asked him if I would give him a ride down the hill ... he had something he needed to handle.  I reluctantly agreed.  Walking back to my truck, I spotted what I thought was a whistle pig.  The nice gentleman assured me that no ... in fact, it was the reincarnation of his Uncle Joe who passed away a few months ago. 

Apparently this nice gentleman (whose real name is Fred but he goes by Mitch) was up here to see the whistle pig who had a message for him.  Apparently Uncle Joe was a very wealthy man, and left Mitch a small fortune, but the glitch to the whole thing is ... he had to go unbury it.  And where is it?  It's underneath the backyard of the house Joe used to live in, but the house has been taken over by nasty, angry squatters.  Mitch knew just what he needed to do.  We loaded up into my truck, and down the hill we went.

On the way down the hill, I saw a beautiful bird flying in the little valley where two hills met.  He was just souring in the breeze.  I wondered if it was a juvenile peregrine falcon, but it's probably just a dark adult red tail hawk.  Hard to tell.

Anyway, I dropped Mitch off so he could handle some business.  He would be going to "ask" the "residents" of his uncle's home to relocate. 

Apparently it worked.  And not only did Mitch find the millions under the backyard, but he also struck oil!  No more homelessness for him!  And now he can quit his job at the train station too!  He was so excited about his millions, he wanted to buy an old used bike so he had something to drive.  He asked me to take him to Meridian to look at a bike.

I told him that despite how good he looked on the bike, that he could actually afford to buy an airplane.

Not sure if he's going to do that, but I also reminded him that he didn't need that motorcycle.  There was a brand new one on the porch of the house when he "suggested" the former residents relocate.  I couldn't figure out what the rush was, but man, those people came flying out of the house half naked and ran down the road, and didn't stop long enough to take their bike with them, so I imagine it's now Mitch's. 

Mitch had completely forgotten about that bike, and when I reminded him, he's now convinced he can't live without me.

To be continued ...

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