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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, Sunday I was pretty darned useless.  My back was bothering me, so I relaxed for the day.  The ducks didn't produce any eggs and I was kinda bummed.  Bacon is looking really good, though.  He's getting quite large.  His appointment is May 10th.  Yummy!  I imagine our beef will be ready around then also.

"Maybelle!  I'm comin' fer ya, Maybelle!"

Got home from work yesterday and lo and behold, there were two eggs!  I ran them in the house, washed them real good and put them in my carton in the fridge.  I love this!

How come is it that if someone has a beef with ya, they prefer to yammer crap to the public rather than taking it up with the person directly?  208-412-6107. 

"Maybelle!  I'm here for ya baby!  C'mon out, Maybelle!"

I think Echo is just about done nursing pups, so I am going to figure out which clinic to take her to this weekend to get her rabies shot, and then transfer Whiskey's registration to her.  Then I'll have another 6 weeks or so before I need to get Reese done.  Reese!  Oh yeah.  I've decided to call the pup Reese, I think.  How did I come up with that?  The movie about Johnny Cash ... Reese Witherspoon played June.  I think I like it.

"Hey Maybelle, big daddy's home!  Come 'ere, darlin' ... I bought you sumthin'!" 

Well, I'd better run.  I've got ... um ... something to take care of.

Talk later!

Mayb ... er, I mean ... Jodi

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  1. Don't wash your duck eggs! An egg has what is called a "bloom" on it which is natures way of perserving the egg. If you wash the egg, you will remove the bloom and the egg contents will deteriorate very quickly.