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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to bite me ... again ...

Don't you love those mistakes that come back to bite you over and over and over and over and over again?

Kiva, I am so sorry.

You're being bred again despite the fact that you don't have a lick of working ability, but your owner doesn't care about that.

You're being bred to a dog that "is a top notch agility dog, and had dabbled in the herding arena where his calm and cool temperament shows in his work" ... whatever that means.  Oh, I get it.  That would be to counteract the fact that you grip and hang off stock and do not have a lick of sense when you're working because the rocket scientist that you live with thinks all the pups will come out somewhere in the middle because the stud dog has "dabbled" in "herding." 


I'm so sorry, Kiva.  Still.


  1. perhaps you seem to forget you sold the dog bred in the first place.. of which produced one horribly dysplastic pup off your Zip

  2. Anonymous. How brave of you.

    No ... I haven't forgotten. Look at my previous posts where I slam myself repeatedly for doing it. And yes, there was a "horribly" dysplastic pup in that litter. And Zip (a quite talented working dog) hasn't been bred again. Wish I could say the same for Kiva, who gets bred over and over and over again despite the fact that she doesn't have a lick of working ability.

    The Lesson: Don't sell dogs to puppymills.

  3. There ya go ... I know the anonymous thing must have been an accident and you must have forgotten to log in ... I changed the settings for ya so it will remind you to log in.

    But yes, I had an accidental mating between Zip and Kiva. And I sold Kiva pregnant to someone I trusted ... someone who handed me a line of bullshit about how she was going to work her and if she didn't work out would spay her, etc. Yet after the "horribly dysplastic" pup you mention, she continues to breed her over and over again -- despite the fact that she has no working ability to speak of. To pretty colored dogs. I wonder why that is.

  4. I see you haven't made it back yet.

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  5. Yeah, that's what I thought.