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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Rescue

Last Sunday, while I was out working on my yard, I noticed a dog across the canal.  Initially, I thought it was Sam, but she wasn't nearly hairy enough to be that handsome guy.  Upon further inspection, I see that the poor girl is emaciated.  Several times through the day, I threw food over to her.  She stayed there and just laid down in the sun and watched me, dozing off periodically.  I finally decided to go get her.  I threw her some lamb ribs to keep her occupied while I walked all the way down to my neighbor's house to use their bridge to cross the canal, and then walk all the way back on the other side of the canal and hope she's still there.  She was.  I gave her some kibble while I slipped a leash over her head.  She was not afraid of anything, and walked quite nicely on a leash.  She has a weak rear (or appeared to me) and could use a good brushing and vetting, not to mention a bath.  I fed her and wormed her and had her hang out in a crate for a while so she'd stop bleeding all over my hardwood floors, as she was in full blown heat.

Got her back to the house and called Joan with IDAWG.  Joan came out and picked her up later that day. She's a lovely dog, nice, calm, knows "come," "sit" and "lie down," and is very handler-oriented.  Someone is missing this dog. 

I hope she finds a good home.



  1. Any update on her? She looks very strongly like working German lines. I bet you are right that someone is missing her. Poor girl. Makes me miss Nessie.

  2. Thanks for helping the dog Jodi!! We need more people like you out there.
    Jennifer Renaud