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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Pigs Come from Nampa, ID

What a whirlwind of a day!  Got a lot done so far, and have tons more to do.

First, check out what I picked up today!  For the price I got it, I feel like I stole it!  It's really sturdy and just needs a little bit of work to make it into a stock trailer.  And a tongue jack.  No biggie.  Yay!  Another reason to go down and see my mechanic!  But this will be cool to haul all kinds of stuff, but especially the sheep for any type of herding events instead of depending on other people, some of which have an unwarranted superiority complex. 

And let's welcome the new additions, shall we?  I need names for these three fine ladies.  Suggestions?

Oh, and a few more new (albeit temporary) additions.  4 ducks.  3 of them are Indian Runners, and the other is a mix of some sort.  Looks like one of the Indian Runners might be a female, so I think I'll hang on to her, and one of the drakes.  I'll get rid of the other two drakes.

I think this one is the female.

I cleaned out the Quack Shack, and re-did their digs.  Here's their crib now.  Isn't it cozy?

Still needs paint, but I'm waiting for it to cool off a bit so the flies (from Wilbur) go away and don't get painted right on to the side of it.

I put the chicken coop in the duck yard.  I think they'll like it there.  I cleaned it all out, and added some clean, fresh straw.

I need to put a place for them to roost in there, but for now, here's what it looks like.

And here's where the bulk of the work went.

Hi Wilbur.

Wilbur seems to be ... so far ... much less aggressive than Bacon.  Good piggie.

If you saw the pig house before I cleaned it out, you know it was quite a job.  I raked out, shoveled out, and scraped out the floor.  I think I upset a bees' nest around there, so at one point, I decided I didn't want to push my luck.  So I grabbed the hose and power washed the cobwebs out.  Added fresh, clean straw, but could use some more to insulate this better.  Cold pig = bad.

Clean rafters!

And while the frame of this thing is well built, the floor could really use reinforcing.  And I think, at some point, I might insulate and dry wall this.  I could use it as a lambing shed once Wilbur is ... um ... well, you know.

This one is quite independent and makes quite a bit of noise.

Pretty, isn't she?  She seems to be enjoying her new surroundings.

What's funny is ... the chickens could care less about the ducks.  The ducks, however, are afraid of the chickens!

I imagine they'll all get used to eachother before too long.

Ok ... off to figure out the round pen, and to talk to the neighbor about capping off the sprinkler pipes.



  1. We had a chicken at the feed store once that we named Henny Penny - I think it came from a children's story. I don't have names for my chickens at home.

  2. You are one working machine! Great job on ALL of it!

  3. I think out of the hundreds of chickens I've hatched out, raised, bought, I can't remember ever naming any of them. And Henny Penny was the chicken who thought the sky was falling.
    I'd call her Big Red personally.